Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Our first studio project on sem 1.

We have to select a area of study and prepare a site analysis of the area. Based on site analysis, we have to propose a concept plan and a layout plan of a community interactive space, which includes elements of design, landscape and costing.

This is a group work, thus we have to work in pair. Who's my groupmate?


Hi Sabby :)

Site Requirement:
The site must be outside Penang Island. Thus we decided to choose site at Seberang Perai.It's not easy to choose a site. We have to consider many things in choosing site such as cooperation from the community, the development of the area, accessibility, etc. At last, we decided to choose Kg Mengkuang Titi. Why? Because Kg Mengkuang Titi is famous for the homestay programme. Moreover, it is a traditional Malay Village where almost 98% of community there are Malay.

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